Zegal: Elevating Contract Processes for Entertainment

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Contracts with Zegal’s Advanced Solutions.


Why Entertainment Firms choose Zegal?

Amidst the ever-evolving entertainment landscape, Zegal stands out as the preferred choice for firms with its customized and efficient contract solutions, ensuring compliance and streamlined processes.


Zegal’s Symphony of Customizable Templates: A Harmonious Composition for the Entertainment Industry

Fuel creativity with Zegal’s tailored entertainment templates, crafting impeccable agreements efficiently, from talent contracts to licensing and production deals.


90% of clients applaud easy access and time/cost savings for impeccable entertainment agreements.


Entertainment Enchantment: Embracing E-Signing for Swift Deals

An orchestration of secure electronic seals, expediting contract approvals and executions with virtuoso precision in the entertainment realm.


95% of users reported time and cost savings with e-signing, ditching manual signatures and document hassles.


Contracting Crescendo: Unraveling Efficiency with Zegal’s Collaboration Tools

Zegal’s virtuoso collaboration tools harmonize an exquisite symphony of contract coordination for entertainment industry stakeholders – artists, agents, and producers – forging seamless communication and unrivaled efficiency.


70% of users celebrate the ease of collaboration, orchestrating an opus of success in the realm of entertainment.


The Silver Lining for Showbiz: Embracing Zegal’s Cloud Storage

Zegal’s ethereal cloud storage transcends borders, bestowing seamless access to contracts and agreements from any corner of the cosmos, and fostering harmonious collaboration among far-flung entertainment teams.


A celestial 72% of users praise the boundless advantages, invoking effortless accessibility that has breathed life into their collaborative endeavors.


Protecting Your Spotlight: Zegal’s Compliance Solutions for Showbiz

 Zegal’s Compliance Management emerges as a steadfast guardian, guiding and empowering entertainment firms to navigate the intricacies of industry regulations and legal obligations.


78% of users extol the profound impact of Compliance Management, affirming how it has been instrumental in their journey towards enhanced compliance and assured protection.


Optimizing Showbiz Performance: Zegal’s Analytics in Action

Zegal’s Analytics and Reporting unveils an orchestra of data-driven revelations, harmonizing contract performance and key metrics, empowering entertainment firms to conduct informed symphonies of decision-making and optimize their contract management with virtuoso precision.


An entrancing 80% of users resound with praise, celebrating how this maestro of analytics has beautifully simplified their journey.


Uniting Showbiz Forces: Zegal’s Integrated Solutions

Zegal’s Integrations intertwine seamlessly with other essential tools, orchestrating a mesmerizing performance alongside CRM and project management software, as they dance in synchrony to streamline workflows and consolidate data.


63% of users celebrate its ease and efficiency in consolidating data and managing multiple entertainment projects.

Serenity Entertainment Group’s Success Story with Zegal

Serenity Entertainment Group is a prominent global entertainment firm with operations in HK, SG, and UK. They specialize in film and television production, talent management, event planning, and immersive experiences, crafting captivating moments that enchant audiences worldwide.


Challenges for Serenity Entertainment Group

Before utilizing Zegal’s services, Serenity Entertainment Group grappled with time-consuming contract management, disorganized document storage, compliance risks, limited collaboration, and complex project management. They faced cost overheads, the risk of missed opportunities, and lacked valuable data insights for informed decision-making. 

Implementation of Zegal

Contract Automation and Customization for Advancement

Serenity Entertainment Group embraces Zegal’s advanced contract automation and customization, empowering their legal team to effortlessly create complex contracts. Tailored templates for different jurisdictions ensure compliance and efficiency, while custom fields and conditional logic add a touch of personalization, crafting bespoke agreements that resonate with every entertainment endeavor.

Serenity’s Centralized Contract Database

Establishing an enterprise-grade centralized repository with Zegal, Serenity Entertainment Group provides authorized personnel with secure access to international contracts from anywhere. This centralized hub ensures consistency and empowers the company with enhanced control over global contracts, fostering seamless operations and unmatched compliance.

Zegal’s Customized Templates

Harnessing the power of Zegal’s Custom Templates, Serenity Entertainment Group achieves a seamless and accurate approach to their extensive document management. These personalized templates cater to diverse entertainment needs, ensuring compliance in various jurisdictions while empowering the company to focus on delivering captivating and unforgettable entertainment experiences to audiences worldwide.

Universal Clarity Embraced

Utilizing Zegal’s document tracking for multiple jurisdictions, Serenity Entertainment Group maintains a seamless record of operations, ensures compliance with diverse regulations, and enhances accountability and efficiency.

Seamless Integration Advantages

Zegal’s effortless integration features enable Serenity Entertainment Group to foster a harmonious connection between vital business tools, streamlining workflows, eliminating manual data entry, and empowering enhanced accuracy for delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences with utmost efficiency and precision.

Data-Driven Contract Evaluation

Serenity Entertainment Group unlocks valuable insights and comprehensive reporting on their document workflows. This transformative capability empowers them to pinpoint efficiency challenges, streamline operations, and drive data-informed decisions, propelling continuous enhancements in document management. Armed with advanced analytics, Serenity Entertainment Group gains profound operational insights, fueling a relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering captivating entertainment experiences and operational finesse for their worldwide audience.

Simplified Document Distribution for Easy Retrieval

QuantumHealth Solutions utilizes Zegal’s cloud-based platform for secure document sharing and storage, enabling effortless access to crucial information for their healthcare teams from any location, fostering seamless collaboration, and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Outcome for Serenity Entertainment Group

With Zegal’s support, Serenity Entertainment Group unlocked new levels of efficiency, eliminating manual processes and potential errors. Streamlined document management and collaboration facilitated faster and smoother cross-border execution. Now, Serenity Entertainment Group thrives with a robust legal foundation, empowered for global expansion.

“The transformative impact of Zegal on Serenity Entertainment Group has been truly remarkable. It has endowed us with the capabilities of a world-class legal team, allowing us to scale and achieve unprecedented success on a global level.”

– CEO, Serenity Entertainment Group

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Zegal’s templates are vetted against local laws so that iKas could expand quickly to new territories.

Our online e-Signature service allows all their transactions to be done electronically without messy paperwork.

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Travel Daily Media is a fast-growing online community dedicated to informing, connecting, and developing the world’s travel industry professionals.

With 200,000 subscribers worldwide, Travel Daily Media is a global B2B engagement platform for the travel industry.

Zegal built Travel Daily Media’s sales agreements to be completely automated.

By providing a bespoke experience, TD can better engage with clients using their brand and custom contracts, unlike with a generic template.

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With Zegal, you don’t need a law degree to ensure your educational establishment is in compliance with law. Our user-friendly interface and guided processes make documentation a breeze.


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In the dynamic healthcare industry, Zegal stands out with its tailored, powerful features, prioritizing efficiency and compliance for healthcare enterprises.


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Amidst the ever-evolving entertainment landscape, Zegal stands out as the preferred choice for firms with its customized and efficient contract solutions, ensuring compliance and streamlined processes.


CoSec Solutions

Amidst the ever-evolving entertainment landscape, Zegal stands out as the preferred choice for firms with its customized and efficient contract solutions, ensuring compliance and streamlined processes.