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Zegal is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their corporate secretarial needs. Our innovative platform streamlines compliance, simplifies company administration, and empowers businesses to take control of their legal needs.

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Company Formation & Management

  • Create and manage companies, branches, and subsidiaries in multiple jurisdictions

  • Simplify the incorporation process with automated document generation

  • Track key company information such as ownership, directorships, and financials

Compliance & Regulatory Management

  • Automated reminders for filing deadlines

  • Seamless statutory register updates

  • Expert assistance for annual returns and filings

Corporate Governance & Board Management

  • Organize board meetings, circulate agendas, and maintain minutes

  • Efficiently manage resolutions, consents, and other board documentation

  • Centralize director information and monitor board performance

Board & Shareholders Meeting

  • Customizable agenda and meeting templates

  • Electronic distribution of meeting notices and minutes

  • Secure platform for digital signature collection

Document Management & Collaboration

  • Securely store, share, and access key corporate documents

  • Create and edit legal documents with smart, customizable templates

  • Collaborate in real-time with team members, legal advisors, and other stakeholders

Company Discussion

  • Step-by-step guidance for company dissolution

  • Customizable templates for required documentation

  • Support for voluntary and involuntary dissolution processes

Changes in Company Structure

  • Streamlined process for company structure changes

  • Real-time updates to statutory registers

  • Automated generation of supporting documentation

XYZ limited implements Zegal’s Company Secretary Solutions

XYZ Limited is a medium-sized company operating in multiple jurisdictions. The company is facing challenges in managing its corporate secretarial tasks, ensuring compliance, and efficiently collaborating with its legal advisors.


Problems Faced by XYZ Limited

  • Difficulty in managing the incorporation process and ongoing corporate secretarial tasks across multiple
  • Inadequate tracking of regulatory changes and compliance deadlines, leading to potential fines and
  • Time-consuming collaboration with legal advisors
    and other stakeholders

Problems Faced by XYZ Limited

XYZ Limited decided to implement the Cosec Solution from Zegal to streamline their corporate secretarial processes and improve compliance.

Results Achieved by XYZ Limited

  • Simplified company formation and management across multiple jurisdictions
  • Improved regulatory compliance by staying up-to-date with local regulations and automating compliance tasks
  • Streamlined collaboration with legal advisors and other stakeholders through secure document sharing and real-time editing
  • Enhanced corporate governance through better board meeting organization and resolution management

Take Control of Your Corporate Secretarial Needs with Zegal

The Cosec Solution for Zegal provides businesses with an innovative and comprehensive platform to streamline corporate secretarial tasks, ensuring compliance and facilitating collaboration. By adopting this solution, businesses can save time, reduce risk, and improve their overall corporate governance.

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