E-sign student contracts with total compliance

Quickly set up Zegal’s workflow platform to manage student contract e-Signing so your PEI achieves full certification.

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Leading universities and private schools trust Zegal

Achieving and maintaining certification for private educational institutions signifies a commitment to high standards in academic quality, student protection, and financial viability. This certification, overseen by a dedicated regulatory authority, underscores the importance of trust and compliance within the education sector.

To uphold these standards, educational institutions must use a fully compliant electronic signing system for enrolling new students and making electronic amendments to existing contracts.


Complete Compliance

Maintaining integrity and security is vital for protecting both the institution and its students.

“Our institution transitioned to Zegal, and the ease with which we manage compliance is remarkable.”


How does Zegal ensure compliance and how is it different to other e-Signing providers?

The Zegal Platform has been built ground-up to ensure that it ticks every requirement and is future-proof so that as those requirements evolve over time, you can be sure that the Zegal platform will continue to adapt so that it remains 100% compliant:

The key features below show how Zegal outperforms other standard e-Signing solutions.

Common compliance requirementsZegalPDF E-Signing tools
Explaining the terms and conditions of the contract to each student and ensuring that each student fully understands themThis feature is unique to Zegal and cannot be fulfilled using other E-sigining platforms.
Ensuring that both you and the student acknowledge any amendment madeAvailable, but only on expensive, enterprise-grade e-Signing plans.
Signing a new contract or issuing an addendum to the existing contract for a student who wishes to repeat a module and when a course deferment or transfer request has been approvedZegal automatically creates the amended contract using information from the existing contract and stores the contract in your student file alongside the original.
Ensure a copy of your student contract is made available for prospective studentsThe student automatically receives a signed copy to their inbox, and PEI has an audit trail of the send receipt.Available, but only on expensive, enterprise-grade e-Signing plans.

100% Compliant

Zegal’s unique, automatic contract summary feature ensures each student has understood what they are signing and that your PEI is 100% compliant.

Edutrust Testimonial

Having automatic contract renewal reminders means that we never miss signing deadlines and have to chase late fees

Why choose Zegal?

Standard e-signing packages and PDF tools will not provide compliance or support integrations or automation.

In the table below, we have compared ourselves to the Enterprise plan offered by DocuSign, which is between 5 and 10 times the annual cost of using Zegal.

FeatureZegalDocuSign Enterprise Plan
eSignaturesUnlimitedUp to 100 envelopes/year (more at additional fees)
DocumentsUnlimitedUp to 100 envelopes/year (more at additional fees)
Negotiations and approvals
Recipient analytics and audit logging
Custom branding
Basic and advanced fields
Bulk send
Forms created and managed for you
Signer attachment
Automatic contract renewal reminders
Document design templates
Document editor
Compliant audit trail
CRM and document storage integrations✔ Integrations both upstream and downstream included without extra cost.Additional purchase fees for each integration
SupportLocal L1, L2 and L3 support from 9am-midnight Asian hoursPremium support

How does Zegal improve the efficiency of the contract signing process?

Zegal is designed as a plug-and-play solution that can work standalone or with your existing IT and internet solutions to deliver 100% compliance and create massive efficiencies when your team sends out 1000+ contracts in any year.


Seamless Integration

Zegal integrates with almost any existing software your team is using. Most commonly, these are CRMs like Salesforce or Hubspot and document or university management systems. In fact, we can plug Zegal into any system that has an API

We estimate we will save 100+ hours of admissions team time this year alone!”


Common PEI integrations with Zegal

USE CASE 1: Creating contracts for bulk sending from a CRM or a spreadsheet

Data in a CRM or a spreadsheet – however your admissions team currently stores student data, you can connect Zegal directly to that source. Zegal will then automatically pick up the information and complete the contract questionnaire, and add the email addresses for e-Signing.

Your team can review or make changes to the draft contract in Zegal before it is sent if needed.

USE CASE 2: Creating contracts via your student portal



Is there a limit to the number of contracts our PEI can send out for e-Signing using Zegal?

Your PEI can use Zegal on an unlimited basis. There are no limits on the number of contracts you can send for e-Signing or the number of signers. Unlike other e-Signing platforms, we don’t meter the number or charge for ‘envelopes’ and that means that you can be sure there will be no additional fees ever on top of your subscription.

How many users can we add to our account?

Your Zegal subscription gives you an unlimited number of users for a single annual flat fee. We won’t charge you additional fees ever.  Equally there are no limits to the number of e-Signers who can be invited to sign contracts.

What Zegal plan does our PEI need for this service? 

Compliant e-Signing workflows and other education use cases all require a Zegal Enterprise subscription plan. Talk to us now to learn about using Zegal in your PEI.

Our student contract is tailored for our PEI and there are very specific data we need to collect. How does Zegal handle this?

The Zegal legal ops team onboards each PEI personally. As part of that process we ensure that we use your PEI specific contract template and that we are capturing all of the data and variables you need when you are sending contracts to prospective students.

What systems can Zegal integrate with?

Zegal can receive data directly into contracts for e-Signing from any other software that has an API. In practice this means that almost all modern software can be integrated with Zegal. But a few common examples are LMS, CRM, cloud storage, and spreadsheets.

What technical support does Zegal give to our PEI?

The Zegal Customer Support team offers support throughout the day. Our Level 1 support team can help you or your students using livechat directly from the app. For more complex problems, our Level 2 support will work with you to resolve problems over email, and for workflow, automation and document issues, our Level 3 support is by phone and e-meetings. This unparalleled level of support has been the backbone of the Zegal service for ten years in Asia.

We love the Zegal system but we would like to use it for other use cases. Can this be done?

Yes. Several universities and schools use Zegal for other specialised use cases, but the two we see most commonly are for the employment and management of overseas agents. If you want to talk to us about these use cases or anything else, please contact us today.